Channel 11 WPIX TV News Interview with Tony Wolf

Greg Mocker from WPIX Channel 11 news interviewed me at Anyone Comics in Crown Heights, Brooklyn about my comics work!  It was a lot of fun - thanks to Greg and his cameraman, Darren McQuade, and to Dimitrios Fragiskatos and SirGryphon at Anyone Comics!

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Tony Wolf's Depression Comic Premieres on The Beat

I wrote & drew a 6-page autobio short story about my experiences with severe anxiety and depression for the comics anthology Sweaty Palms, a 300+ page paperback with short stories from over 50 creators.  This short story premiered as a free webcomic on The Beat.

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New "Greenpoint of View" Comic Featured on Brooklyn Based Site

My latest Greenpoint of View comic, about fighting an unjust subway ticket in 1996, was featured on Brooklyn Based! 

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New Interview: My Comics Work Featured On Irish Entertainment Site

I was interviewed by Irish site "" about my autobiographical comics work.

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Tony Wolf Debuts New Comic In Food Section of The New York Times

I wrote & drew a short comic about my lifelong obsession with the Italian ice cream dessert the Tartufo ... colored by New Yorker cartoonist Jeremy Nguyen, featuring an art cameo by New Yorker cartoonist David Ostow.  This comic debuted in The New York Times on the first day of summer 2017, in print and online.

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2017/06/20/ dining/tartufo-history.html 



New 13-Page "Greenpoint of View" Comic Debuts, Featuring Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Jim Dwyer

I released my new autobio comic in the "Greenpoint of View" series - available to read for free at Anyone Comics webcomics site (note, turn pages by clicking the NEXT bar at far right).

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Interviewed About Comics Work at Website BRIGHTEST YOUNG THINGS

I was interviewed about my comics work by entertainment & arts site Brighest Young Things - the site has also recently interviewed Golden Globe-winning actor Tom Hiddleston and Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle.

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I made my network TV debut on NBC in March 2017 as the head museum Archivist, who gets asphyxiated by Tom Keen (played by star Ryan Eggold) in the first episode of the new Blacklist spinoff show, The Blacklist: Redemption.  It was a blast to shoot!






My cover for Millennials #3 is out - written by Dimitrios Fragiskatos and colored by SirGryphon.  This new comic series is a satire of modern culture in the vein of 1980s X-Men comics.  On sale here, at the Anyone Comics website  and at Anyone Comics in Crown Heights, Brooklyn  This is, of course, an homage cover to the first appearance of The Vision in Avengers, originally drawn by John Buscema.



Tony Wolf's Voice-Over Performance As The Demon Voice Wins 3 Clio Awards – For New Robert Kirkman show "Outcast" on Cinemax

The voice-over ad campaign & interactive trailer I did for Robert Kirkman's new TV show OUTCAST on Cinemax just won 3 Clio Awards, including the Grand Clio. This ground-breaking interactive trailer is called "Possession Begins."

The Clios are the Oscars of the advertising world.
Robert Kirkman is the writer, creator & executive
producer of The Walking Dead.
Ad agency: SapientNitro with Campfire.
Concept & writing: Nick Braccia (a fellow alum of Holy Cross College)

CLICK HERE > to view the new interactive trailer
Possession Begins

This Clio win was featured in The Hollywood Reporter



Tony Wolf as the 40-Year Old Harry Potter in New Comedy Video

With the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I played the grown-up Harry Potter (who is currently going through PTSD) in this new comedy video! 

This video was featured on the Harry Potter fan site Wizards And Whatnot

Video written & directed by Stephanie Twyford Baldwin




Playing A Very Serious Board Executive In "Too Many Q-Tips" by Cruel Children Comedy

Witness my Will Arnett / Alec Baldwin-style turn as the Head of the Board of Directors of Q-Tips!
Written by Jeff Rabinak, starring and produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand.  

Watch the video at



As Hitler For Internet Action Force - Commenting On The 2016 Presidential Election Candidates

I played Hitler for Internet Action Force in a sketch by John Devore (formerly with the Conan O'Brien show) - after having played Hitler for College Humor.
Watch the video here



"The Inn At Lake Devine"
- A Play With Music

In fall 2015, I played four character roles in a new show adapted from a New York Times-bestselling novel, The Inn At Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman.  Produced and adapted by Jake Lipman of the Tongue In Cheek Theater Company and directed by Kimberly Faith Hickman. This new musical was a joy to perform. I sang several barbershop and a cappella harmony songs, as well as Irving Berlin's "All By Myself" as a Catskills lounge singer. More on the show here and here.



My New Comic "1-800-DEAD-ROBIN" Featured in New York Magazine / Vulture and Bleeding Cool

I wrote and drew an autobio comic essay about voting to kill the Jason Todd Robin in the late 80s. DC Comics had a rather unique stunt in their Batman comics at the time which featured a cliffhanger ending to a story where the Joker almost kills Robin. Would Robin survive? In a pre-internet world, readers were invited to dial one phone number for "yes, Robin should survive" or one phone number for "no, kill him." I noticed there was not much on the internet about this curious PR stunt, and created this short story about this strange part of comics history. The new 'Batman v. Superman' movie features a Batman who is dealing with the death of Robin at the hands of the Joker, so interest in this classic comics storyline is at an all-time high.

Colored by the multi-talented Tom Griffin aka SirGryphon, the comic was picked up by pop culture site Bleeding Cool and also by New York Magazine's pop culture site, Vulture. The reviewer compared my style to that of noted comics scholar and creator Scott McCloud.

The physical / printed version of the comic is available for sale at publisher Gryphon Knights Comics, here:

"1-800-DEAD-ROBIN" is also on sale at Forbidden Planet in Union Square, NYC. 



Appearing in New Webseries Episode "Shoulda Swiped Left"

I play a guy who's just a little too excited on his Tinder date - with the wonderful Graci Carli. Webseries created by my friend Paige Jennifer Barr.

Watch it here: 



When Did You Realize You Were a Real New Yorker?

Megan Sass & Gianmarco Soresi created this video for Spoiled NYC asking the immortal question, "When did you realize you were a real New Yorker?"  My cameo is at the very end.



Print Modeling for Pradaxa

Recent print modeling job – for pharma company Pradaxa. This is a banner ad on their site:  



Guest Appearance in Comedy Webseries "This Is Gluten Free"

I played a crazed director in Episode 4 of webseries This is Gluten Free  (which isn't about being gluten-free; it's about actors trying to cut out all the unnecessary stuff in their lives & take control, by making their own webseries!)
by Dana Leigh Snyder & J.C. Vasquez, directed by Malinda Sorci. 



Latest "Greenpoint of View" Comic Book News!

Gryphon Knights comics has published a printed version of the comic, collecting the first two short stories in the Harvey Pekar-style autobio series.  It's available online HERE.

Book design & cover colors by the multi-talented Sir Gryphon.

E-reader format available for your iPad or tablet HERE.

In addition, the 3rd "Greenpoint of View" comic was released by Midtown Comics, and can be read for free on their BLOG.

It tells the Secret Brooklyn Origin of New York City's (and the USA's) most successful comic book store, and features cameos by iconic pop culture figures Michael Jackson and George Lucas. Midtown Comics printed up 1,200 minicomic copies of this short story as a free promo item during the week of Free Comic Book Day 2015. The story was also printed in the physical weekly local newspaper The Greenpoint Gazette and online at Greenpointers.

CNN reporter Chris Boyette has become a fan of the comic and promoted it on his Twitter account HERE.

"Greenpoint of View" was also recently featured on the art & culture site Animal New York

... and got a great review on Sequart

"Greenpoint of View" is now on sale in 3 major comic book stores in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area.

Currently on sale at Desert Island Comics in Williamsburg, as well as Forbidden Planet in Union Square NYC and Bergen Street Comics in Park Slope, Brooklyn. JHU (the former Jim Hanley's Universe) is next on my list.

The fourth short story of "Greenpoint of View" is coming soon, with a targeted early fall release. I have at least 12 stories in mind for this ongoing series and it'll just be a matter of time 'til I get to them all!  I'm thrilled the series is getting such a positive reaction.





Tony is Max Slick!
New Comedy Video

I played fast-talking PR slickster Max Slick, in a scene from the short comedy film “The Curse of the Incredibly Specific Gypsy” by Christopher Michael Czyz and Colin Fisher

- also starring Josh Lay (VH1's Best Week Ever, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)




Tony drew the cover of Lloyd Kaufman's first ever eBook!

I drew the cover art for Lloyd Kaufman's first-ever e-book, PESTS, co-written with the talented Jordan Young and Regina Katz.  Some of you may know Lloyd Kaufman as the creator of cult movie classic 'The Toxic Avenger' from his legendary production company Troma Films Lloyd was an absolute pleasure to work with, and he even met with me at super-secret Troma HQ after the cover was complete!

Press release:



Tony is... A Killer Mime!

I played a homicidal mime (haven’t we all wanted to play a homicidal mime?) in writer / director Ryan Rigley’s short film “M Is For Mime.”  This was for the ‘ABCs of Death’ contest.  3 minutes of total mime mayhem!



Teaching Basic Figure Drawing Classes at The Affinia Fifty Hotel in NYC

I just taught a 5-month course of basic drawing classes at The Affinia Fifty to hotel guests – it was a blast! (ended in early May)

Plans are in the works for me to teach another drawing class at a different venue... I've previously taught high school (at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, Long Island – my alma mater and also former home of Amy Schumer, Max Von Essen, Dave Atell and Howard Stern) as well as acting classes and SAT prep classes for The Princeton Review, so it was fun to teach drawing.

Headshot photo by Zarif Taufiq



Voice-Over Announcer for Robert DeNiro's 'Entertainment Icon' Award at The Friars Club gala, held at the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC – along with Larry King!

In October 2014, I did all the off-stage voice-over announcements for Robert DeNiro's lifetime achievement award from The Friars Club. I introduced David O. Russell (director of 'American Hustle' and 'Silver Linings Playbook'), Kenan Thompson of Saturday Night Live, Joel McHale, and Penny Marshall. Stevie Wonder, Sting and the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin performed live to honor Mr. DeNiro.  Christopher Walken, Edward Norton and Harvey Keitel spoke to honor their friend.  Only 5 people in history have ever been honored with the Friars Club Entertainment Icons award – among them: Robert Redford, Charlie Chaplin, Don Rickles and Tom Cruise.

Larry King and I traded off the introductions and announcements.  It was a thrill to be there and contribute.

More information about the star-studded event here, via The Hollywood Reporter:




Short Film – as Officer Whatshisname

I played a cop with some bad news for our lead characters in the short film, "The Rebuild."

"The Rebuild" on IMDB >
by Paige Barr and Jennifer Poole.

Shot on location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at the North Brooklyn Boat Club and New Jersey in August 2014, the film has already been at the NYLA International Film Festival.

"The Rebuild" trailer >

Facebook page for the film:



Inspired by the realistic autobio comics of Harvey Pekar, Dean Haspiel and Seth Kushner, I wrote and drew a web comic about my neighborhood of 17+ years, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The comic book short story (first in a series) has been covered by Gothamist, Brokelyn, Reddit, and many other sites. 

Greenpoint of View: The Arrival [By Tony Wolf]
The first installment in Tony Wolf's new webcomic series, "Greenpoint of View."


The Greenpoint Of View series is hosted on webcomics collective & independent publishers Gryphon Knights


   LINK >

Featured article on New York Magazine’s site about Brooklyn: Greenpoint Comic Strip: "People Always Forget It Started With the Trucker Hats."


   LINK >

Full-length interview with Tony Wolf about the "Greenpoint Of View" comic series.



I did this tribute cover for Seth Kushner's upcoming autobio graphic novel "Schmuck" (collected edition to be released in spring 2015, compiling his webcomic short stories) – comics fans will recognize it as the cover to the first appearance of The Legion of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics #247. Comics legend Mark Waid loved it and it appeared on noted pop culture site Bleeding Cool, which made my day.


   LINK >

Tony Wolf is profiled with a lengthy article in the NY Press (rival to The Village Voice, for you non-New Yorkers).


Steve Jobs Sketch

Here's me as Steve Jobs, for a contest sponsored by The Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain - written & directed by my Action Room collaborator Michael Turney:


Donald Trump Parody

I played Donald Trump, parodying his infamous one-week-before-the-election video message/ultimatum to President Obama. Before we had the idea for this, I never would have expected to play Trump:


"If All The Presidents Got High"

Featured on Huffington Post Comedy. I appear as George
Washington, the Father of our Country, in this sketch from (a division of College Humor).


"Hitler Buys A Gun"

Tony as Hitler. You've got to see it to believe this sketch about gun control, from College Humor partner


Tony Wolf *IS* Michael Bay!

I fulfilled a lifelong dream by playing infamous Hollywood director Michael Bay - known for his 'slick-but-no-substance' action movies like the Tranformers series - in this sketch by College Humor partner


Traffic Control Division - "Keeping the Sidewalks Safe!"

Along with writer/director/actor Jon Hess, my friend from UCB comedy improv class, I co-wrote and starred in this webseries sitcom about the NYPD's least-known department - those who patrol the sidewalks and minor traffic infractions: The TCD, otherwise known as the Traffic Control Division. Enjoy!


Playing "Transformers" Director Michael Bay in Upcoming College Humor Video!

I've wanted to play Michael Bay for the past several years, after many friends commented on my resemblance to the famous explosion-loving action movie director. A friend from my UCB Improv class, Dylan Landon, pointed me to the College Humor audition listing for a sketch all about Bay! We shot it very recently; it'll be up soon.

For now, enjoy the one time Michael Bay has spoofed himself, in this Verizon FIOS ad from a few years back:


Assistant Director for "Take It Off," Short Comedy Film

I had the pleasure of serving as Paige Barr's A.D. on a short film written by and starring Anna Van Valin - about the contrary messages women's lingerie can send to men, and how good intentions get jumbled and tangled in relationships. DP'd by ace lenser Marian Dealy and co-starring Charles Brice. The film's listing can be found on IMDB here:

Paige Barr is an old friend, and a brilliant actress & writer:

- check her out on my Links page!


"Hobo Security" Hits The Net!

I did the voice-over and played the suburban father in this comedy sketch about what happens when we turn over our home security systems to.... hobos. Yes, hobos. Starring Dale Krupla, Chris Czyz, Colin Fisher, and Amy Schulz.






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I did this tribute cover for Seth Kushner's upcoming autobio graphic novel "Schmuck" (collected edition to be released in spring 2015, compiling his webcomic short stories) – comics fans will recognize it as the cover to the first appearance of The Legion of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics #247. Comics legend Mark Waid loved it and it appeared on noted pop culture site Bleeding Cool, which made my day.